1. When you teach the kids how to use what you set out, do you teach them to just take what they need? Do you totally limit how many things you set out at a time? How do you prevent dumping and “making soup”? Am I understanding it’s not completely open-ended—we challenge them to make something? Thanks!!

    1. Hello Brenda! In my experience, it has worked best if I sit and explore the objects with kids. Especially the first few times.

      You can start with just a few items and slowly build up how many loose parts you have set out at a time. For kids three and under, the dumping is definitely typical. You can try offering them baskets and buckets to dump the loose parts back and forth between.

      Dumping might also be a sign that the kids are bored with those objects and ready to explore some different ones.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

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